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IBANTools is TypeScript/JavaScript library for validation, creation and extraction of IBAN, BBAN and BIC/SWIFT numbers.

For more information about IBAN/BBAN see wikipedia page and IBAN registry.

For more information about BIC/SWIFT see this wikipedia page.

Installation and usage

Node (Common JS ES5 and ES6)

$ npm install ibantools

Bower (AMD ES5)

$ bower install ibantools


See full documentation with examples on Github pages.

Node.js - CommonJS

const ibantools = require('ibantools');
const iban = electronicFormatIBAN('NL91 ABNA 0517 1643 00'); // 'NL91ABNA0517164300'

AMD - RequireJS - Browser

require(["ibantools"], function(ibantools) {
  console.log(ibantools.isValidIBAN('NL91 ABNA 0517 1643 00'));

Node.js - Common JS in browser

Use browserify or webpack.


Use node, not bower module.

If you are using tools that support jsnext, like a rollup or JSPM, they will automatically select right module from the package.

With TypeScript

Install library/module using npm. Package bundles type definitions and if you are on TypeScript 2.0 or above tsc will access those automatically. If not, check your tsconfig.json file.


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